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Classic Kitchen Granite & Stone is dedicated in providing the highest level of personalized service, and practical assistance and support, with quality products, in the warmest and most inviting of surrounding, at a cost that is affordable for our clients.

Classic Kitchen Granite & Stone will provide expertise and quality in the cabinetry and countertop market. The company will provide big city versatility and choice with small town quality and service. The company will meet the demanding organizational, scheduling, and quality needs of architects, owners, and construction professionals.

Meet Our Team


Dave, has ten years experience in the stone/cabinetry industry.  With over 2000 installations to date, he strives for excellence in craftsmanship and service for ever client. He has been with Classic Kitchen Granite and Stone since the beginning. Dave’s vast knowledge of products combined with his extensive knowledge in fabrication and installation are definitely as must when working with customers from all walks of life. Whether you are from the public directly, a developer or designer, be assured you will receive the highest quality of customer service.


Jarek, started with the company four years ago and with over 400 projects to date has proven himself to be a key member to our team. He has an eye for detail and expects nothing less than perfection. He made it his mission to know all aspects of the company and has done so in his training.  From consultations to templating, his skill set is vast. It is a pleasure to have him on our team.


Doug, has been involved with Classic Kitchen Granite and Stone since the beginning. With a total of six years experience in the industry, he showcases his” behind the scenes “knowledge of this industry every day. He has been a front runner in the production and administration side of the business. Doug has a keen business sense and will ensure that only the highest quality products will be used in our fabrication and installations.


Dexter, the newest member of our team, has been with us for two years now. He has already surpassed 200 projects  with the company and his skill set keeps getting wider. The precision in his work really shows his knowledge he has gained within the company. As one of our fabricators/ installers he takes great pride in his work. His speed and ingenuity contribute highly to the overall production in this company.

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